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American Heart Association Training Center in San Antonio, TX

“Covid19 Update”

TCE CPR has taken steps to help ensure the safety of every student who enters our building.

We are also aware that most of our students are healthcare workers that must keep their CPR provider card up to date and one of the few occupations where you must go to work.

Working remotely is not an option.

 With that in mind, classes are ongoing, with the following social distancing procedures:

1 person per table
1 person per manikin
No mouth to mouth or face shields will be used

No more than 6 students per class

Additionally, this would be a great opportunity to take the blending learning course.

This will greatly decrease your required classroom time.

Learning/Video portion will be done at home on a computer or tablet for 2- 3 hours
When the online portion is complete you will come to the class for the hands on skills test

1 person per table
1 person per manikin
No mouth to mouth or face shield used
Students will be tested one at a time 
Same AHA BLS/CPR card issued
Cost is the same
Please call for more information 

Be Prepared with CPR Training in San Antonio, TX

In a medical emergency, time is life. Being prepared with the skills you’ve developed through CPR training in San Antonio, TX, can spell the difference between life and death. At To Care Enough CPR, we offer classes online and our location or yours. We give our students the tools to provide first aid and CPR in a crisis. We can train anyone, including:

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Nurses and Nursing Students
  • Medical Offices
  • Dental Offices
  • Emergency Personnel
  • First Aid Providers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Child Care Workers
  • Security Officers
  • Hotel Staff
  • Construction Staff
  • Public Access Businesses
  • Life Guards
  • Amusement Park Staff
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • New Parents
  • Teenagers
  • Teachers
  • School Staff
  • Movie Theater Staff

CPR Classes Infographic | San Antonio, TX

A Range of Classes

We offer a range of CPR classes for medical and non-medical personnel. Courses with Basic Life Support and Heart Care Provider are designed for medical professionals who require additional knowledge to care for patients. Our Heartsaver® training is directed toward the general public to provide them skills to deliver emergency CPR. If you wish to teach CPR to others, we also offer training courses for instructors.

Online and On-Site Training

We have options that meet your training needs. You can take online CPR classes at your own pace and then do your certification testing with one of our instructors.

If you have a large group that requires training, our on-site classes are the answer. In this delivery method, one of our instructors will lead the course and administer the certification test.

What to do in an Emergency in San Antonio, TX

Call us at (210) 835-6709 to schedule CPR education courses today.

Save Lives through CPR classes in San Antonio, TX

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Hours of Operation:

Mon-Thur: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

After 1 p.m. by Appointment

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Do you know what to do in an emergency? Make sure by taking CPR education courses from our company in San Antonio, Texas.